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It’s the best part of the meal. After everything’s been said and done and eaten, it’s time for dessert. There’s no better place to get dessert in Houston, TX than at Rookies Cookies. We offer a wide variety of tasty treats for you to bring home and put a cap on your next great meal.

Look no further than our cookie cake for the perfect party. Take the great taste of our cookies and supersize them. We can decorate them however you like. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to have a good time, we can put a great message on a great cake.

Dessert gifts are also a great way to thank someone or show them you care. We offer several different packages, all with the same greatness inside: our cookies. Whoever you want to show your appreciation to, do it with a black gift box full of delicious treats. They’ll be happy you did.

For a fancier, fuller gift, we also have cookie tins in red and white. They’re good to bring to a party or to give away for special occasions. Our decorative tins are only surpassed by what they hold inside. Buy it for someone else or keep it for yourself and have your own supply of Rookies Cookies right there in your own home.

Cookies don’t always have to be fancy, either. Our cookie bags contain a dozen cookies each. You can get them all in your favorite flavor, or try out several to see which ones you like best. No matter what you decide, you, and everyone around you, will be happy when you show up with our signature bag.

When you want to enjoy the end of the meal as much as you enjoyed the beginning, look no further than Rookies Cookies for your desserts.

Buy one of our many great options today.

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