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“Hi, I’m Jay Isaac Prince the founder of Rookies Cookies. My inspiration was my big sister Ashley Prince, who enjoyed making cookies to put a smile on my Dads face. He absolutely loved coming home to fresh baked cookies. Eventually Ashley grew up and moved out and I adopted the task of making cookies. My mom, Mary Prince, would stir the batter because at seven I wasn’t strong enough. The more I made the cookies the more I understood that the ingredients really change the flavor. I began picking out and adding in to the recipe and “boom” there it was; the Rookies Cookies recipe. The brand came to me really easily, the hard part was the recipe. I began selling the cookies to put smiles on everyone’s face like my sister did for my dad. One day at dinner with my parents and some family friends I was put on the spot and asked what the company name was. I was selling them. I had to have a name. Since I love sports so much, Rookies Cookies seemed fitting. Our goal is to put a smile on your face when you have a cookie or share it with a loved one. The corny, cliche, but oh so charismatic saying that, “our cookies are made with love,” really applies to Rookies Cookies. Every cookie is made with a smile.

Love and Cookies,
Something like that.


What started as a way to make dad smile when he got home has turned into a business all of its own. The recipe has been developed and refined over the years to provide you with the best cookie-eating experience we can provide. The Best Cookie is a Fresh Cookie!

Baking cookies isn’t just about the food itself. It’s about an experience you can savor and enjoy. That’s where our love of cookies comes from, and it’s a love we want to pass on to you. Big stores with big boxes of cookies simply can’t live up to the experience that our preferred treat should provide. Kids and adults alike shouldn’t be deprived of the joy a cookie gives.

We love serving Houston, TX five days a week because a long workday deserves a treat at the end of it. We bake all kinds of cookies to meet whatever you’re in the mood for, so you never have to leave feeling like there was something you wanted but didn’t get. While baking cookies is what we do, we like to think we’re selling smiles as well.

The next time you feel like you deserve to treat yourself, make sure it’s with a cookie. Join us at Rookies Cookies.

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